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about me

As the coaching relationship is quite a personal one, I thought I would share a bit about myself with you.

I have had great variety in my working life with roles in commercial property, in advertising and in social care supporting adults with disabilities. In my career I have taken big steps and made bold decisions in response to a voice within that asked - what is the right path for me?

At the heart of all the work I have done, I have noted within myself that working with people to meet specific outcomes is something that really resonates with me. The outcomes have often been very different but working with individuals to achieve results is something I am passionate about.


The reasons that you find yourself here, wondering whether to avail of coaching, are probably similar to those I have experienced myself. Lacking fulfilment, dissatisfied with work, no clear direction or purpose. These are all factors that led to me seeking the support of a life coach.

Thanks to his skilled guidance, I was able to realise why I was having these feelings and how they were impacting on me living the life I wanted.

All the while, there was a voice within me saying, “I don’t know exactly how you’re doing this but I like the changes that are happening”.

So I listened to that inner voice.

And I learned about what he was doing.

Now, having trained as an NLP practitioner and life coach, I want others to listen to their inner voice. The one that has been quietened over time due to self-doubt and the expectations of others.

For you, I want the experience that working with a coach brings. It changes your outlook and presents new choices and opportunities.

I’ve been there. I know it works. So, let’s get started.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Max Planck

(Theoretical Physicist & Nobel Prize Winner)

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