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coaching & nlp

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. In supporting you to change, a coach can use an NLP-based approach by exploring how you communicate with yourself and others, and how this affects behaviours and outcomes in your life.

How we think impacts how we feel, this in turn determines how we behave. If we change the way we think, the rest will follow.

NLP enables you to take charge of your thoughts, your beliefs and your responses. It empowers you to change from what you perceive to be ‘the way I am’ and transforming to ‘the way I want to be’.

A coach can use NLP techniques to help you have a better understanding of how you process information. With this understanding, you learn that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not things that control you. They are things that you control. Things you can change.

As individuals, our unique perspective of the world is influenced by all the information we have gathered throughout our lives. All that we have seen, all that we have heard, all that we have felt.

In NLP, this unique perspective is referred to as our ‘map’ of the world. But a map is two-dimensional and limited.

To address two-dimensional and limited perspectives, a coach guides you to find the strengths and skills that serve you best and develop new strategies to replace unhelpful old ones. Then your map becomes three-dimensional territory with so many more choices and different possibilities.

Having more choices and more possibilities, leading to better outcomes, is at the heart of NLP.

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